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Throughout several decades of leading, coaching and training in the corporate world, we've witnessed the incredible impact the right tools and guidance can have in a career,

life, and success.


The individuals we've worked with have been able to elevate their performance and results, find happiness, fulfillment, and have a powerful impact in the world around them.


We realized that we had a passion for helping even more people in a greater variety of ways - outside of the particular corporate arenas we were in. We decided to launch Elevation Strategies and use our experience to benefit as many people and teams as possible. To help people realize the level of excellence they are truly capable of.

To help them get out of their own way.

We believe people and teams can do amazing things if they are committed to making the necessary changes and embracing the process of growth.

We look forward to partnering with you to help you become exceptional!


Julie Holifield
President & Chief Vision Officer
Julie Holifield Headshot.jpg

Throughout her 25 year career, Julie has coached and trained countless business leaders and strategic partners to transform and achieve new heights in their performance and career. Working with individual business leaders, leadership teams, financial institutions, sales teams and Fortune 1000 companies, her expertise and firm yet caring approach helps her clients overcome their challenges and maximize their opportunities.

She is passionate about empowering leaders and teams to reach their full potential, and considers it a privilege to elevate others to greater success faster and more efficiently than they could alone.

Julie has become known for her expertise in areas such as:


  • Team performance

  • Personal performance and productivity

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Development & sales training

  • Partnership Development


She was recently recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year for her work in these areas by a global sales organization.

When not working with her awesome clients, Julie enjoys spending time with her adult sons, traveling, hiking with her pups Peanut and Xerxes, discovering great local music and restaurants, and all things outdoors. Throw in some good wine, a little bourbon and chocolate, and she couldn't ask for much more!


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